The man of God stands in front of the crowd. His voice reaches to the end of the room Although it isn’t that loud. A little boy wonders by and wonders at the words that he speaks The boy walks into the old fashioned building and as he walks the wooden floor creaks. He sits […]

A quiet place is a special thing. Whether your young or…um… aging. Especially with all the craziness as Christ’s coming back is staging But… here you sit. I mean come on its really kinda your fault. You got married, had some kids and quietness came to a halt. On Sundays and Wednesdays(if you’re a faithful […]

LORD of all I give with glee, my heart, my soul, my life to Thee I will give to you my very best, till in Heaven with Thee I rest I swear to give to Thee my all for if I don’t without Thee I fall So when I’m weak I’ll call on Thee, because […]

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